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Benedicte Moyersoen - Tissons de liens pas des menottes!

Tissons des liens, pas de menottes!

112,000 colsons, assembled loop by loop across Belgium, symbolise the number of people without residence permits in our country. A gigantic net forming a symbolic work of art of around 700 m2 to make visible the scale of the challenge.

Faced with Belgian and European asylum and migration policies, the artist Bénédicte Moyersoen thought about what should be done to give a dignified welcome to migrants arriving on Belgian territory: replace the collars that bind their hands and feet with collars that support them (like a safety net). This has given rise to a collective work of art, supported by numerous organisations, including the CNCD, Ciré , Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen and hundreds of volunteers, since April 2023. From 4/4/2024, the work has been travelling across the country, arriving in Brussels on 23/6, to mark World Refugee Day on 21/6. It will be a very impressive installation, the full genesis of which and an overview of which can be consulted on the project’s FB page.

This symbolic action speaks to people and provides a constructive response to current migration policy. We hope that many of you will welcome this work to Brussels. As we don’t yet know how long the installation will remain here, don’t miss the opportunity to come and see it!

The art work will be inaugurated on Sunday 23/6, from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm. Come and join the many people who are expressing their outrage at the fate of so many refugees in Belgium, and at Belgium’s migration policy. The programme will include short testimonies and speeches, as well as live music with Jah Bot!



23 - 30 Jun 2024


13:30 - 17:00