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Climate march Back to the Climate

What were you doing on October 10, 2021? #BackToTheClimate
***50 years later, 2071. Our planet is doing better. We’re emitting almost no greenhouse gases, temperatures are stabilizing, biodiversity is thriving, cities are green, the air is clean, and our leaders are pursuing a fair climate policy that benefits everyone. Remember that Sunday, October 10, 2021? When we took to the streets in huge crowds and demanded strong action from our politicians? On that day, citizens started a movement that would never stop. We were there. You too?
The pandemic has changed our lives and has dramatically increased the inequalities in our world. Some people have been hit harder by the virus than others.
But the coronavirus crisis has also made us realize that change is possible. And necessary.
Because climate disruption is a fact. There are already millions of people who feel the dramatic consequences. Natural balances are disturbed and people’s well-being is affected by extreme events.
That is why we are back in action and we intend to make ourselves heard. The mobilizations of recent years have put the climate crisis at the top of the political agenda. But now it’s time for politicians to turn their promises into ambitious actions!
On the eve of an important European summit and the Glasgow climate conference, we want to send a strong signal. This is the tipping point: do we remain entangled in the old world or do we opt for a world of solidarity, justice and sustainability?
>> Mark Sunday, October 10 in green and bold in your agenda. We are back. – We are #BackToTheClimate – with a huge mobilization for the climate. Are you participating too?
More info on www.backtotheclimate.be


10 Oct 2021


13:00 - 15:00