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House of Compassion is a thematic church about compassion and the fight for justice. Building further on the commitment of the Brussels Beguinage community of the past decades, we strive together with our partners for more humanity, a hopeful society and a dignified life for all people, this based on the inspiration of Jesus of Nazareth and the Golden Rule.

Everyone is welcome for a meeting, celebration, art and silence.



Toward end of the occupation of the Béguinage church

Le 30/01/2021, une centaine de personnes en situation de séjour irrégulier sont entrées dans l’église du Béguinage. L’action n’était pas une action par et pour les personnes “sans logement”, mais une action politique. Il s’agissait de travailleurs sans papiers qui travaillaient ici depuis de nombreuses années, généralement dans des situations de grave exploitation. Covid avait […]

Opening of the exhibition “The Imaginary Pilgrimage”

Our exhibition “The Imaginary Pilgrimage” has been officially opened since yesterday in the Our Lady of Good Assistance Church (Kolenmarkt 91, 1000 Brussels). About 50 people attended the vernissage. The atmosphere was good. Initiator Siska Deknudt and artists Yelena Schmitz, Nicolas Marquez and Boris Vermeersch explained more about the exhibition. As icing on the cake, […]

Solidarity is not a crime – report Saturday 06/11/2021

Two people talked about their experiences as social workers and lawyers supporting people on the run. Annouk Van Gestel, former editor-in-chief of Marie-Claire, was so shocked after a report in Calais that she engaged as an activist (and not just as a journalist). In Calais, she had also noticed that the solidarity actions stirred up […]

Support concert on the beguinage square

The Coordination of People without Papers, Sans-Papiers TV and its many supporters organized a national demonstration “We Are Belgium Too,” at the North Station in Brussels on Sunday, October 3. With this, they demand the regularization of undocumented migrants in Belgium based on clear and permanent criteria such as durable ties, work, irremovability. On the […]

Little Amal at House of Compassion

Little Amal is a giant doll who travels 8,000 km to draw attention to refugees. She comes from Syria and is currently crossing Europe. The doll represents a young refugee in search of her mother. On her way (‘La Marche‘) she visits artists, cultural institutions and humanitarian organizations. On October 7, little Amal paid a […]

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