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Faces of exile

For the past three years, Andrée Vos has been regularly hosting refugees in her home through the CIVILIAN REFUGEE SUPPORT PLATFORM. A difficult and marginal start in life led her to study psychology in order to reconstruct herself and answer the question: “Who am I?

Thus, finding herself in front of human beings for whom the simple fact of not having identity papers is equivalent to a ban on development, on building oneself, on being recognised as a person in his own right, has particularly upset her.

The aim of this work of painting and writing is to give, at least to some of them, this identity that is denied to them and also, through snippets of their stories, to highlight the negative effects of a migration policy that betrays the values of respect for human rights on which Europe was founded…


04 Mar 2023 - 23 Apr 2023


11:00 - 17:00