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Less is more

What would a fairer, more united and more pleasant economy look like? Can we use it to end the current ecological crisis? And what would it mean for jobs, for our health, for progress?

Lieve Herijgers, director of Broederlijk Delen, presents an inspiring vision of what a post-capitalist economy could look like. She is inspired by the book “Less is more” by Jason Hickel. She explains how we can move from a philosophy of domination and withdrawal to one of reciprocity and regeneration.

Then, three companies that put this philosophy into practice are introduced:

COLLECTMET is an initiative of Cultureghem against food waste in Cureghem. With a team of volunteers, coordinator Elvis raises awareness among market vendors and visitors. They also collect unsold fruits and vegetables and share them with people who need them.

Tournevie is a tool library in Maelbeek. The tools are among its purchases that are used infrequently. The toollibrary allows to reduce the amount of primary materials needed to serve a larger number of users. An inspiring initiative.

Prometheus is a company that advises companies in the manufacturing industry on strategy. Having worked for more than a decade at Volvo Construction, Prometheus co-founder Nele Van Campfort is fighting the problem of “planned obsolescence”: a practice in which producers make their products fail quickly so that people are forced to buy a new one sooner. The “products as a service” model offers an answer to this issue.

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02 Apr 2022


11:00 - 14:00