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Solidarity is not a crime

Attempts to make house searches possible in order to track down migrants, raids in the Maximilian Park and the persecution of people who offer migrants shelter. These are examples of how migrants and those who protect them are increasingly criminalized.

Anouk Van Gestel gave shelter to refugees and was prosecuted for this, along with several other Belgians, in 2015. What motivated her to offer shelter to refugees, how did she experience the accusations and what was the impact of the trial on her life?

Alexis Deswaef is a lawyer and former president of the Human Rights League. He explains why solidarity cannot be a crime and discusses current evolutions in the prosecution of solidarity. Will searches soon be possible? And how far can and may one go in accommodating refugees?

Gueladio Ba will provide the musical accompaniment.

Hourly Schedule

6 novembre

11h00 - 11h10
11h10 - 11h30
Anouk Van Gestel
Hostess for migrants and now manager of Al & Greta
11h30 - 11h40
Music by Gueladio Ba
11h40 - 12h10
Alexis Deswaef
12h10 - 13h30
Questions and Answers
13h30 -


06 Nov 2021


11:00 - 13:30