Dream of a statue

A refugee boat with more than 140 migrants washed up on St Peter’s Square in Rome. The boat is an artwork by Timothy Schmalz: Angels Unawares. With his work, the Canadian artist wants to remind people of the message from the Gospel that calls on them to welcome strangers: “Be welcoming to strangers, for among them are angels unawares.”

Timothy Schmalz will exhibit a limited number of copies of the bronze statue group worldwide. We hope that one day the work will also come to Brussels, perhaps on the square in front of the Beguinage Church? Timothy Schmalz has already sent a miniature of the work to House of Compassion. You can admire this miniature at our next exhibition on refugees, 50 humans by Abdulazez Dukhan. 50 humans tells the stories of 50 people who received asylum in Belgium. Each story shows how these people, after only a few years, each in their own way contribute to our society. An exhibition whose message is closely related to the message of the work “Angels Unawares.”