News from the occupation

You have already heard it in the newspapers and on television. On July 21, the thirst strike was stopped and the hunger strike interrupted. This decision was made after hours of negotiations. The Secretary of State promised that the existing rules on regularization will be interpreted in a more humane way in the future. The law will not change, but its application will take into account long-term residence and integration in Belgium. Over time, more people will be recognized in this way. Thus, progress has been made not only for the hunger strikers, but also for others. However, the files of the hunger strikers will all be declared admissible, while for the non-hunger strikers, it is still applicable that they have to prove that they cannot submit their application from their country of origin.
Currently, the activists are each preparing an individual file. We have asked them to leave the church before August 15. However, in order to prepare files, it is important that everyone can be reached quickly and easily. Especially for the most vulnerable people, there is a risk that the lawyers will lose contact and the quality of the cases will be compromised. This is why the occupation will continue for a few more weeks. We will keep you informed of further developments.