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Double expo: Beauty and urgency

This double exhibition illustrates our January-February 2023 theme of climate justice:

‘Laudato Sí’ exhibition

The deacon-artist Jacques Bihin has produced some remarkable photographs of nature. They are almost always spherical images that seem to depict the environment and nature as a ‘small planet’. He uses the stereographic camera from not so long ago. The photographs show both the beauty of creation and its fragility. Quotes from Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Sí underline the urgency to act.

‘Destruction and hope’ exhibition

A second, smaller section explores more urgency. With photos and statements by Antonio Guterres and others, ‘the cry of the earth’ is highlighted. There is also space for solidarity organisations that are strengthening local communities to deal with the climate crisis.

The opening will take place on Saturday 16 January, in the presence of the artist. This follows the climate justice vigil.



Expo Picaflores

In Latin America, it is mainly the indigenous peoples who demand justice for Mother Earth, their raison d’être. Like no one else, they have understood for centuries that without respect for what surrounds them, the forest, they have no chance of survival…

On the occasion of Matahma Ghandi’s birthday, Picaflores is inaugurating an exhibition on the theme “The Beauty of Mother Earth”. The main objective of the exhibition is to highlight the beauty of Mother Earth. Representatives of the Peruvian neo-Amazonian art style invite us to honour her as our own mother. The style includes the realistic representation of the rainforest on the one hand and the rich symbolism of the indigenous peoples reflecting their cosmic vision of the Earth and the Universe on the other. During the opening (2/10), lectures and guided tours will provide a link to Ghandi’s ideas:

The Earth has enough resources to meet everyone’s needs, but not enough to satisfy everyone’s greed. is a not-for-profit organisation that creates a concrete and structural impact on sustainable living and production worldwide. Supported by scientific knowledge, projects and initiatives are helped by hands and resources to become self-sufficient. They also initiate and support projects around nature conservation and awareness raising. Tonkiry, the art exhibition project on fragile ecosystems, is one example.

This exhibition is a not-for-profit project that benefits the Cerrado in Brazil, the lungs of our Earth. The Cerrado is a 45 million year old ecosystem in Brazil that has already been more than 50% destroyed by intensive monoculture for export, especially soya for (our) cattle feed.